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congrats steve!

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Zurick uber alles !  

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Objet: [messengers] 2015 MCA Recipient Steve “Porno” Fröhlich

The International Federation of Bike Messenger Associations (IFBMA) is
pleased to announce that Zurich bike messenger Steve “Porno” Fröhlich
has been awarded the 2015 “Markus Cook Memorial Award” (MCA) for Services to the International Messenger Community. The IFBMA has awarded the Markus Cook Award (MCA) since 1998 to the person who has inspired and empowered
the wider messenger community, and who puts all messengers before

Some much deserved praise for Steve by Maurice Thiriet:

When I first met Steve “Porno” Fröhlich in 2001, he was sitting behind his
dispatcher desk at Flash Courier Services in Zurich wearing the
Goldsprint-branded hat as he always did and organizing the registration for
an alleycat and speaking his loud and somewhat strong and peculiar
estern-swissgerman accent.

During the next ten years that’s what Steve mostly did, when he was not
working on his bike or at his dispatcher’s desk: Organizing races and
events for messengers or going to races and events organized by fellow
messengers all over the world.

The messenger community has seen a lot of fast and successful racers and a
lot of popular party animals. What made Steve’s appearances at both
national and international championships special was that he was always
both. Never was the applause more frenetic and the cheering from the
messenger family louder, than when Steve passed the line first - as he
often did. People did not just respect him for the mere athletic
performance, but love him for what he was: A big brother and a reliable
drinking buddy who would always look after his fellow messengers - the
rookies equally as the veterans - and as such he was an integration figure
within the community.

Not only did Steve contribute to the IFMBA’s council for many years, he
also organized a number of much remembered and outstanding messenger events
such as the X-Days, the XX-Days, the Side-Show and countless
SUICMC-Pre-Events and other Alleycats. Still legendary is the
Messenguerilla, also put up mostly by Steve, who almost ruined his
existence by smuggling the Messenguerilla-container with the fondue-supply
for Helsinki 2006 illegally through Germany.

Even during a period of severe illness and chemo-therapy Steve attended and
organized events with his messenger family and went to work whenever
possible, and he would always help any messenger coming to his hometown
Zurich with housing, bike-supply and lots of local beer and he would never turn down anyone, who asked him for help or assistance in organizing events
for the messenger family.

His dedication was inspiring, motivating and driving the international
messenger community to excellence in events. If there was ever an event to be held, and no one volunteering to organize it, Steve would always say: “I
did that. It was good. Now it’s your turn. Do it and do it better.”

How could you say “No”?
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