Re: [messengers] the AXIS of DISASTER

Date: 3 Apr 2016 16:52:54 -0000
From: Rodeo Cycles <bjoern@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Am 03.04.2016 um 12:15 schrieb Kai Hawaii:
    the gauls did it
    the wikings
    the romans tried

    tour de l 'europe

    save your money
    sell your house
    this summer you will cruise through europe
    an amazing event charade
    nearly no distance between the cities

    4 everybody out of  europe
    this summer is like
    ecmc & cmwc
    surrounded by fantastic side and pre-events
    and all this in an area americans would call - my going to work
    ok. - not exactly - but close enough
    so, if you ever planned to come to europe
    travel with messengers
    visit the most fascinating cities in north-west of europe - now is your

    the biggest distance will be from copenhagen to paris
    but its all filled with stops, side events and cities you've been
    than there's time to visit cities like berlin (so- bring your
    check out amsterdam or travel through antwerpen

    all this in one summer
    all this surrounded by crazy events
    and the greatest messenger sisters will take care of you

    so let's see

    the line will be will be Kopenhagen - Paris

    the AXIS of DISASTER

    is surrounded by the oldest messenger communities
    and most beautiful cities in north-west of europe

    berlin, hamburg, bremen, duisburg, cologne, paris
    kopenhagen, hamburg, bremen, groningen, amsterdam, den haag, anwerpen,
    bruxells - paris
    where ever

    come and see europe, meet your local messengers, bring your boyfriend -
    cause when he wants to make a culturetrip with you - tell him :we'll
    see europe and from time to time you send him shopping - while you meet
    the world

    4 all folks coming from out of europe
    the main airports in this area are
    amsterdam and frankfurt
    even paris and london
    but watch out
    from frankfurt book your train or bus (+bike) in advance!!
    london your europe flight
    canada can fly straight to hamburg from ?? toronto ?

    traveling through europe is pretty easy
    take the bus
    (make sure they take your bike or big case)
    please don't take all the same bus
    the train - very popular - very comfortable
    if you don't book in advance!!! - expensive!!

    or you get the interrail ticket
    take the slower trains at any time, where ever, whenever
    just go to the trainstation, enter a train and fall asleep


    free travelinng in europe by train
    very populair  in summer
    and after all this  events
    you take the train to the atlantic coasts of france, spain or portugal
    and you gonna chill at the coolest beaches of the world
    hey folks of america : we are allowed to drink at the beach , make a
    fire and go swimming naked - yes , that's europe too!!
    visit barcelona or belgrad.
    from zagrep to zuerich.
    that's what we all did when we were young

    so, what are you waiting for?
    it's summertime
    the flights are not getting cheaper
    contact your granny and have the summer of your mess-life.
    take care


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Sounds pretty good to me, but will have to ask my mother before. Maybe we should put Hannover on the shedule ...

Good to know you're still messing around there somewhere.