[messengers] NACCC REG OPEN (October 6-10, NYC)

Date: 17 Jun 2016 20:21:40 -0000
From: Austin Horse <osmerp@xxxxxxxxx>

Hey everybody!

Hope you join us this fall in NYC for the NACCC. Here's a direct link to
registration page:

We just launched the event website so it's a little sketchy on hard facts
but it can be found here:

I know everyone's wondering if we'll be pulling off a closed course in NYC
and I'll share our progress with you:

We are pursuing two locations- one is a park in the South Bronx, not too
far from manhattan. It looks pretty solid. Our first choice however is an
on-street location in an industrial area of North Brooklyn, the permitting
process is subject to the NYPD's schedule so we're hopeful there yet.

Otherwise, tons of fun, lots of good parties, and no bad vibes. Hit me up
with any questions