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Date: 23 Aug 2016 20:40:39 -0000
From: Brice Bedos <btbedos@xxxxxxxxx>

I posted this on Facebook, I'll paste it here and I might add a bit more
later.... Not sure if I'm reading you wrong Ovar Dryve
<> but it sounds as if
getting outside help makes Maga Loof
<>'s struggle easier
than others. She had the backing of an organised union, yes, but that does
not mean to say it ended up any easier than if she had gone alone or with
just a few non organised individuals. I would say she ventured into
organised chaos, that she seeked outside help and obtained it but it may or
may not have been a bowl of cherries either. Whatever means at your
disposal, use them, and Mags did which produced substantial results. So i'm
nominating Maga Loof <> for
the above reasons. I'm also nominating Pat Jahboud
<> for standing up to his
ideals and maintaining the same level of fairness towards his employees
(and I must emphasise and accentuate the word EMPLOYEE here) in all the
years he has kept Urban Cycles running, especially in the very recent
political dilemmas France has also succumbed to with regards to Uberisation
and the lack of support ALL those uberised apps provide to bike messengers.
But whilst we are on the subject of "supporting the worldwide courier
community off their own backs" I'd like to also nominate (and he will
humbly reject it ironically because of this) a lone wolf who has done
exactly that but persisted in fighting for what we (especially those I know
in London and across the Atlantic) have yearned for years, basic rights and
security with a reasonable pay check. If you haven't yet figured out who I
am talking about and because as I said he will humbly deny the honour, I
invite you to look up "Spartacus le Kangourou" which will reveal who JP is.
So, to wrap it up: Maga Loof
<>, Pat Jahboud
<> and Spartacus le
kangourou... Messlove. XXX
On 22 Aug 2016 15:50, "Shawn bega Blumenfeld" <shawnbega@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  ill start the 2016 mca nominations: The bike messengers of the IWGB
> Couriers And Logistics Branch . these messengers have taken their
> futures into their own hands, fighting at great risk to their
> livelihoods, against the conditions that diminished their existence.
> and whether they realized or not, they fight for all bike messengers
> everywhere. they have shown the world more than ever that we have
> influence within our own industry that we must grab if we wish to
> survive as full time career couriers. and they have shown us the power
> of organization and community within our ranks. good on you mates. we
> stand with you.
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> Shawn "bega" Blumenfeld
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