Re: [messengers] MCA Award

Date: 1 Sep 2016 06:26:14 -0000
From: alibaer@xxxxxxxxxx

I'd like to nominate M. Laurent Sommer, Chef of Velopostale Geneva for this year's MCA. For giving a lesson to all his couriers how good it feels being a humble person by paying his employees only half their salary!!!

I'm off puking!

Am 2016-08-27 17:19, schrieb nadir olivet:
I would like to nominate Ralf Aalderink for the MCA.

 Ralf, for his endless work helping poor children around the world. He
has collected toys, sporting equipment, school supplies for the kids
in Guatemala since 2002. The last year since the refugees started
arriving to Germany Ralf has collected, donated cloths , toys, food
and bicycles for the refugees and the children. He has always done
this to help children. He also brought a few of us together in
Bruschal, Germany this July to build La Ocho to give the kids a chance
to compete and have fun in this time of such sorrow.
      Individuals like Ralf which are the Old Guard of the messenger
community that do things without everyone in social media knowing.
Even thought he looks crazy he is one of the kindness human being on
the planet.

Commandante Zero

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