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1.1 Foreword

Bega wrote 'this is the price we pay for not being on one of those "we dont even own our own list" email sites.'

And after all that investigation we were probably hit by "you dont even own your own email account", too. Yes, Yahoo! had the power and did, others have the power and did not yet.

1.2 Problem: unsubscription due to underliverable mail.

This is a feature of the mailing list software. After excessive bounces mail delivery is stopped and hints are sent. If they bounce, too, the user is unsubscribed.

1.3 Yahoo!

Yahoo published via something called DMARC that every mail server should not accept mails from our list if posted from a yahoo address.

These then bounce. Basically forever.

1.3.1 Background

Yahoo caused lots of grief worldwide by this drastic move. A person involved in writing internet standards for the IETF has rigid recommendations. Read


and see his suggestions (not mine):

  • Suspend posting permission of all yahoo.com addresses, to limit damage
  • Tell Yahoo users to get a new mail account somewhere else, pronto, if they want to continue using mailing lists
  • If you know people at Yahoo, ask if perhaps this wasn't such a good idea

1.4 What I will do

I will re-subscribe affected users by hand. So we can reach them. I put in "digest mode", so these users get daily digests of all posts for now. This is far from ideal, but we reach them.

Also: moderated posting. Yahoo users will be moderated until I know a better fix.

1.5 What I will NOT do

I will not follow yahoo's "recommendations" as it would break too much, i.e.:

  • We modify the subject line for easy visual showing where our messages come from.
  • We modify content and add a footer line with links, to stop "please unsubscribe me" posts to the entire list just every other week.
  • We convert HTML mails to plain text, this is necessary for the archives that would otherwise show a mixture of HTML source code and plain text.
  • We filter or throw away attachments for not having viruses, phishing, malware, spam and whatnot and to keep your mailbox as clean and safe as reasonably possible.
  • We let the From: intact as that is what it is used for, show to the reader who sent the mail.
  • We do not mess with Reply-To: so people can use it to get replies to another account.

All but the last they want us to give up for quirky hacks. Stuff that mostly was discussed and agreed upon on this list.

Most big corporation senders with large amounts of commercial bulk mailings face no change at all.

1.6 What I will do eventually

Currently I have a look at not using the mailman that comes with the Debian Linux I use, but a new version that I need to package myself. This can not solve the issues, but let yahoo users post again and have not daily digests. Treating them differently is far from ideal but hopefully it works and eases the situation.

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